Public input sought on McCullough Peaks wild horse fertility control

The BLM is seeking public input on wild horse fertility control in the McCullough Peaks herd near Cody.


The Bureau of Land Management’s Cody Field Office is asking for public input as it begins to analyze future wild horse fertility control and bait trap gathers in the McCullough Peaks Herd Management Area. The public scoping period is open through Feb. 7.

The BLM works to maintain a population of wild horses in the McCullough Peaks of about 70–140 horses, based on previous environmental analysis. The current population is 179 horses based on direct counts in 2022.

The BLM has administered fertility control in the McCullough Peaks by way of field darting since 2011. The population has increased by an average of 2% per year, while wild horse herds can grow by 25% per year if not managed.

“With the help of our partners and volunteers, we’ve been able to manage the herd’s population through annual field darting and occasional bait trap gathers for more than 10 years,” said Cody Field Manager Cade Powell. “This analysis will guide our management of the

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