Public Health Specialist Dr Peter Marghella appears on Talk Back

Public Health Specialist Dr. Peter Marghella appeared again on the KGVO Talk Back show on Thursday to discuss the latest details on COVID 19 around that nation and the world.

After delivering the current worldwide and U.S. numbers, Dr. Marghella offered some good news about the pandemic in America.

“The good news that I can report today is overall we’re down about 35% in cases from July, so we are seeing a pretty significant downward arc of reported morbidity and mortality, morbidity, at least in this case the actual illness which is good,” said Dr. Marghella.

With summer gone and the colder weather forcing people indoors, Dr. Marghella said cases may naturally rise again.

“Now as the cooler months move in, we face two concerns,” he said. “One, there’s going to be less social distancing, so we can expect that unless the vaccine compliance goes up, which is an issue I’ll talk about in a second, we’re likely to see another spike in new cases and deaths, and how bad that spike is we don’t yet know.”

Dr. Marghella also warned about the upcoming cold and flu season.

“We’re confluently moving into the annual flu season, and both CDC and who World Health Organization officials are

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