Public Health: LCPH releases Community Health Improvement Plan Portal

Drenda Niemann

In case you missed it, Lewis and Clark Public Health released our Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) Portal. This new portal complements our original CHIP report, which was released in July of last year, and is a way for community members to interact and learn more about the highest priority issues facing our county.

Residents can get involved in improving the health of our community by engaging with interactive tools to visualize the CHIP data via three dashboards with data metrics which will be updated as new data becomes available and explore our community’s roadmap to improve health in each of the three priority areas.

The CHIP provides a common agenda that facilitates collaboration across the county for collective impact and the online version provides more accessibility to real-time information and updates. In the spring of 2022, the Healthy Together Steering Committee convened a group of stakeholders to create our community’s fourth Community Health Improvement Plan. The steering committee consists of dedicated partners from Lewis and Clark Public Health, PureView Health Center, St. Peter’s Health, Rocky Mountain Development Council, and the United Way

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