PSC Commissioner Randy Pinocci on KGVO’s Talk Back Show

District One Public Service Commissioner Randy Pinocci appeared on the KGVO Talk Back show on Thursday to discuss several issues, starting with a proposal to replace Montana’s electrical power lines to save energy and millions of dollars for ratepayers.

“When you can cut line loss by a third, then the power lines pay for themselves in three years,” said Commissioner Pinocci. “And then after that its profit. Its savings for the rate payer. And then there are other benefits. The new high performance power lines can double the capacity with the same size power line. Also, it doesn’t stretch near as bad as our lines do today.”

Pinocci provided more reasons to replace power lines that may be up to 100 years old.

“A power line can double its weight,” he said. “If water hits it and it freezes and ice builds up on the line, then that stretches the line and after it’s stretched, it can’t carry as much electricity as it used to. Also when they’re stretched and the wind starts blowing up maybe two or three months later, they can wave back and forth and touch each other and sparks generate, they hit the ground and start fires.”

Pinocci also reiterated

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