Protecting a Critical US Navy Base from the Rising Threat of China – Part 2

China’s recent hypersonic missile test and Russia’s missile destruction of an orbiting satellite should be alarming to all Americans, especially those in San Diego. 

Why especially San Diego?  Because San Diego is home to one of the largest U.S. Naval bases in the world, and arguably the most important one for confronting threats from China, Russia and North Korea.  In turn, San Diego is a high priority target for these aggressors.  Furthermore, San Diego Bay has only one exit which makes it highly vulnerable to an attack to entrap the U.S. Naval armada ported here. 

America’s $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill presents us with a golden opportunity to finally build the long-talked about second opening to San Diego Bay as a backdoor escape.  And the ideal location for this new opening is in San Diego’s South Bay.  

In Townhall, we recently presented the case for this from the viewpoint of America’s national security, Protecting a Critical US Navy Base from the Rising Threat of China.  Today, we are making the second half of this case – from the critically important environmental infrastructure perspective.  

The environmental benefits of such an opening are significant and, until now, have been largely ignored.  This project

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