Pronghorn StoryMap highlights unique animal and its ecosystem

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Pronghorn trudge through crusty snow north of Malta to reach a windswept ridge. The species is one of the few to survive from the last Ice Age when animals like the American cheetah may have been one of the few capable of chasing down the speedy prairie pronghorn.

Michael Forsberg © BRETT FRENCH

The unique story of seasonal pronghorn migrations from northeastern Montana to Canada is documented in a new multimedia website presentation.

On the Move: Pronghorn Migrations Across Seasons” documents in photos, maps, video, audio and stories how the ancient species has adapted over time to live in the often harsh prairie environment. The StoryMap also delves into new problems pronghorns face due to human development including roads, fences and climate change.

Developed in a collaboration between The Nature Conservancy and National Wildlife Federation, the interactive story follows the life of one doe as a way to educate the public, taking viewers through an entire year of what the animals face during different seasons. The end goal is to increase

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