“Prom Night in Montana,” And They Know How To Shoot

Usually it’s the dads with the guns before prom night, but this is Montana- the ladies have it covered.

Apparently every year several of the smaller schools around Billings will come together for a group prom- with Custer, Melstone, Ryegate, Rapelje, Reed Point, Lavina, and Broadview all participating. This year, they got together for prom at the Moose Club in Billings, according to Anna Tooke (her daughter Alyson is in the blue dress on the left in the above photo).

Anna shared the above photo on Facebook, adding:

Prom night in Montana!

Anna tells us that all of the girls are sophomores at Broadview High School, just north of Billings. “They play volleyball, basketball and are in track…they’ve all grown up together since kindergarten,” added Anna. “They all come from strong Montana roots and have even had their own ‘group chat’ titled Trump Supporters. Everyone of them knows how to shoot. When a storm hit the Billings area last night and outdoor pics were no longer an option, they all wanted to head to their favorite store, Scheels. Great ladies and even greater Americans!”

Anna also got permission to share the names of the other proud Americans in the photo: “The lady in pink is

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