Pro-choice activists see abortion as 'winning issue' in GA Senate runoff despite pro-life gov's landslide win

Democrats who focused on abortion for months ahead of the midterm elections failed to unseat one of the most pro-life governors in the country. However, in the Georgia Senate runoff, the issue is still seen as a deciding factor.

The party spent over $320 million campaigning on abortion this election cycle, pouring more into the issue than inflation and crime, but after pro-life Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp won his re-election in the Peach State, it is unclear what role the “winning issue” will play in the Georgia Senate runoff between Sen. Raphael Warnock and GOP candidate Herschel Walker on Dec. 6.

A Fox News poll from late October, conducted before the election, found that at 38%, inflation was the top issue to Georgians — an increase from 28% in July. Among inflation voters, Walker was ahead by 43 points. Abortion was the most important issue to 18% of voters and election integrity was on the top of the minds to 12%, with Warnock leading both groups by at least 40 points. Despite Warnock having an edge when it comes to Georgians who are voting on abortion, voters in the state re-elected a GOP, pro-life governor.

“The human right to life is a winning political issue

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