Pro-abortion forces broke the bank to convince voters abortion extremism is normal. They failed.

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Elections are all about narratives. Before election day, a narrative is set by the national media that informs how the parties will decide to spend their cash. The media’s narrative, and the subsequent political spending, has a tremendous influence on who wins and who loses. This election, Democrats bet everything on abortion, making it the narrative-setting issue of their campaigns across the country. Democrats and the abortion industry spent $400 million dollars promoting their lies and anti-human agenda. 

Yet, that singular focus and unprecedented expenditures were not enough for Democrats to achieve a clean victory. That’s because Democrats were spending all their time and money selling something the American people do not want: abortion at any time in pregnancy, performed for any reason, at the taxpayer’s expense.  

There was a lot for pro-lifers to celebrate following election day. Strong pro-life governors who have passed significant protections for the preborn were overwhelmingly re-elected. Pro-life Republicans will continue to control the state legislatures in a majority of states. And it seems highly likely that pro-life leaders will be in control of the U.S. House of Representatives come January, ensuring the worst excesses of the Biden administration’s

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