Priscilla just can’t help falling in love

“Priscilla” (R)

At the Myrna Loy

Brent Northup

An early Egyptian version of the Cinderella fairy tale involves a slave girl going to Memphis to marry a king.

No, not Tennessee. No, not Elvis.

Memphis was on the Nile, a capital of ancient Egypt. The girl was a Greek slave. One day while bathing, an eagle snatches one of her sandals and air-delivers the shoe to the castle. The king vows to find the foot that fits this slipper – and make that lady his queen.

Film Review – Priscilla

Sabrina Lantos

Fast forward 2,000 years. Meet Priscilla, a 14-year-old high school girl living on a German military base.

A typical teen of that era dreamt of going to an Elvis concert, smiling as she fainted.

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Well, Priscilla can match that dream and raise you a fantasy or two.

One day Priscilla is sitting at a diner, when a soldier approaches her and offers to introduce her

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