Price-Fixing Meds Is Not What the Doctor Ordered


Posted: Sep 21, 2022 1:31 PM

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In a strange political twist, a Republican governor is suing a Democratic administration…for not imposing price controls. According to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is unlawfully sitting on Florida’s application to import medications from Canada. Despite self-serving proclamations by Florida officials, this legal bid would compromise access to life-saving medications for state residents. Greenlighting mass and state-sanctioned reimportation of drugs would thrust Canadian price controls onto the U.S. market, making it all-but-impossible for manufacturers to innovate and profitably mass-produce drugs. Florida’s leadership should press the FDA for reforms instead of onerous pricing restrictions.

Governor DeSantis certainly isn’t the first politician to push for drug reimportation from Canada. A wide array of politicians from Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to former President Donald Trump have backed reimportation ostensibly to lower drug prices. There’s little evidence, though, that bringing in drugs from our neighbor to the north (or anywhere else) would succeed in bringing

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