Premiere Dance Company celebrates 30 years of ‘The Nutcracker’

Marga Lincoln for the Independent Record

One could say that Premiere Dance Company’s Nutcracker production was born out of necessity.

This year it hits a landmark 30th year in production, with performances Dec. 17 and 18.

But the story really began 31 years ago, when an out-of-state ballet company came to Helena to put on “The Nutcracker” and auditioned a number of local children as dancers.

The company arrived the day of the production and didn’t have costumes for a number of the dancers. So, they were going to make some dancers sit out.

The company had also changed the choreography from what folks in Helena had been rehearsing.

Charlene White, Premiere Dance Company’s founder and artistic director, recalls telling the ballet company director that if some kids were to sit out, then they were all sitting out.

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Thus ensued a mad scramble back at her studio to find leotards and bits of costumes to put together so that all the kids could dance.

Premiere Dance Company Artistic  Director Charlene White laughs along with dancers during a rehearsal

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