Precarious living: MT mobile home residents face eviction, rising rents, flood threats

David Erickson

Although they’re often the most affordable type of housing, trailer homes are a precarious living situation because the owners don’t own the land and can find themselves displaced if an owner decides to sell or redevelop the property.

According to the American Community Survey, 10% of houses in Montana are mobile homes compared to 5.5% for the U.S. overall. Millions of Americans, and many thousands of Montana residents, live in these types of homes and can suddenly find themselves with no place to live.

That’s the situation Yvonne Perrigo of Missoula found herself in back in 2017, when the owner of Skyview Trailer Park in the Westside neighborhood gave her and the occupants of roughly 33 other mobile homes six-month eviction notices.

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“From the best I remember there was a note that was just left on my door,” she recalled. “Our home and us needed to be out. My mobile home is an older mobile home and a lot of places in town wouldn’t take it. It was one of the roughest times I’ve ever had.”

Perrigo’s mother is retired and lives with her because

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