Prayers of Thanksgiving can transform our lives and the world

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In Scripture, the idea of giving thanks is not a suggestion or a recommendation, it is a command. It carries with it a similar weight as love your neighbor and give to the poor.

More than 100 times, either by imperative or by example, the Bible urges us to be thankful. So if quantity implies gravity, God takes thanksgiving very seriously. Here’s why.

When I read the Book of Genesis in the Bible, I see that ingratitude is the original sin. Adam and Eve had a million reasons to give thanks: the waterfalls, the fowls, the shorelines, the sunsets. God found Eden so delightful that he himself strolled through it in the cool of the day.

The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth in 1621, paint from 1914. Private Collection. Artist Brownscombe, Jennie Augusta (1850-1936).  (Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

Adam and Eve found the garden so safe, they wore no clothing. They had nothing to hide and no one from whom to hide. They dwelled in a perfect world. They were one with creation, one with God, one with each other. It was wonderful. Press your ear against the early pages of the Book

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