Powerful Gathering of Warriors in Bozeman, “The Enemy Gets a Vote

20 years ago I was glued to the TV. Today, 20 years after the 9-11 terror attacks, I didn’t even want to turn on the TV or the radio news. To be honest, I’m so disgusted with the politics of division in this country and the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, that I didn’t even want to hear from some of these politicians today.

I gotta say thank you to everyone who showed up for Warrior Taste Fest in Bozeman Friday night. It was an incredible event featuring some local distilleries, breweries, artists, and chefs- and they raised a lot of money for Warriors & Quiet Waters.

Somewhere between the Willie’s Distillery booth and the Brigade booth, I had to pause for just a moment and realize how blessed we were to be in a room with so many incredible people. I got choked up thinking about how much sacrifice was borne just by the people in this room alone- the veterans, the spouses, the moms, the dads, the kids.

As I scanned the room, I saw green berets, Navy SEALs, CIA veterans, firefighters, police officers, a US Marshal- and I talked with the mother of a Montana National Guard veteran who was teary

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