Post-Apocalypse America

Having lost a few (lots of) steak dinner bets on whether Trump would be the nominee (I said no), and nursing my bitter disappointment that it won’t be Florida’s miracle governor, Ron DeSantis, I asked one of the steak dinner champions his secret method.


Me: How did you know??? How could you possibly have imagined that GOP voters would be that stupid? They did the right thing in 2020 — red wave everywhere, except the presidential election. They elected Reagan over Bush and Donald Trump over 17 open-borders Republicans in 2016. How can they have suddenly become retarded???

I won’t be writing about the presidential election going forward, but do you think it would seem odd this week if I started writing cooking columns?

Him: The reason I knew is that I spent so much time mingling with the fringe in my youth. I can sense when the gangrene takes hold, when the loudest and craziest chase out the sanest while, at the same time, the “liddle peeple,” pure of heart but (as you said) easily duped, decide to sell the cow for the magic beans. It’s tragic; this whole year’s gonna be tragic. Though, if you’ll forgive the

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