Port: The NDGOP will have to do all those messy district reorganizations again

That’s the law. The Democratic-NPL will have to do theirs over too, though that wasn’t nearly so contentious an endeavor for them this year as it was for Republicans.

Here’s section 16.1-03-17 of the North Dakota Century Code: “If redistricting of the legislative assembly becomes effective after the organization of political parties as provided in this chapter and before the primary or the general election, the political parties, in the newly established precincts and districts, shall proceed to reorganize as closely as possible in conformance with this chapter to assure compliance with primary election filing deadlines.”

All 47 legislative districts that reorganized this spring will have to reorganize again after the Legislature approves a redrawn district map during a session that will likely take place in November or December.

You could quibble and say the statute doesn’t really require every district to reorganize again since it refers to “the newly established precincts and districts,” and not every district may see changes.

I don’t buy that interpretation. The Legislature is required to redraw the lines, and even if the lines of any given district and its precincts are drawn in the

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