Port: The nativity scene at North Dakota’s Capitol is great, but what happens when the Muslims want a display?

For the first time in state history, North Dakota’s state Christmas tree, erected annually in the capitol building in Bismarck, will be complemented by a nativity scene.

That’s per a report from my colleague, Jeremy Turley, who also notes that the display will be privately funded.

I’m an atheist, but I’m also a supporter of the 1st amendment, so it makes me happy to see our liberties exercised in this fashion. It’s a common misconception that our constitution requires a separation of church and state. That’s not entirely accurate. The constitution says the government may not establish a religion. Which is to say, we cannot have an official faith that is favored over others.

Since we have to treat all religions the same, when we allow religious expression on public property, we have to either open things up for all faiths or none of them.

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