Port: As important as vaccines are, we cannot abandon choice

“These elected officials espouse the benefits of, and even encourage, vaccines and then say it is up to individuals to decide and then ban or oppose mandates,” my correspondent wrote to me, objecting to what he sees as hypocrisy from people who say they support the vaccine but are reticent to use the power of government to make people get it. “Clearly, this ‘plan’ ignores the public health issues and proven benefits of vaccines that have minuscule adverse risks.

“However, I am thinking about how, when presented with Jesus Christ, Pontius Pilate washed his hands of responsibility and left it to the mob to crucify Jesus.”

This attitude in the fight over COVID-19 vaccinations, and the various vaccine policies being implemented to varying degrees by the government and the private sector, is not uncommon.

It’s also worrisome.

The public knows that COVID-19 almost killed me because I wrote about my experience. Based on my doctor’s advice, I got vaccinated as soon as it was available to me. All of my eligible children are vaccinated. My parents, who are also vaccinated, have spent the last two weeks quarantined in a hotel room

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