Popular River Recreation Area Near Billings Adds 25 New Acres

One of my favorite, not-so-secret outdoor spots within minutes of Billings and Laurel is the Sundance Lodge Recreation Area. The area has now grown by 25 acres with a new, pizza-slice shaped parcel of land that borders the Yellowstone River and the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone (outlined in blue, below)

Credit: Montana DOJThe Sundance Lodge Recreation area is a former ranch.

The main portion of Sundance Lodge is a 380 acre mix of river bottom, cottonwoods and fields near Laurel. It was a working ranch until 1997, when the land was acquired by the Bureau of Land Management. It’s easy-access and flat terrain makes it a popular destination for dog walkers, joggers, fishermen, bird watchers and others looking for some serenity.

Michael Foth – Townsquare MediaThe 2011 ExxonMobile pipeline spill paid for the purchase.

The new parcel of land was funded from the settlement of the 2011 ExxonMobile pipeline spill near Laurel, that dumped approximately 63,000 gallons of oil into the river during high-flow, resulting in 85 river miles being affected from the spill.

Michael Foth – Townsquare MediaThe new piece of property adds trails and river access.

25 acres isn’t much, but these 25 acres of day-use-only public land are located in a really great spot at the exact

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