Poplar man reaches $50,000 settlement with feds over injuries at Fort Peck jail


A Roosevelt County resident and enrolled tribal member has reached a settlement with federal government over injuries inflicted on him while incarcerated at the Fort Peck tribal jail.

Tyler Headdress, now 37, left Fort Peck Adult Corrections Facility in December 2018 with multiple fractures in his hands. He settled with attorneys representing the United States in April of this year for $50,000 in a lawsuit that alleged the jail’s staff failed to properly protect him from harm, and get him help once he was hurt.

“He’ll never be 100% because they waited too long, and they couldn’t fix him properly…He sat there without help for six days, and that is unbelievable,” said Henry Headdress, Tyler Headdress’s father. Tyler Headdress preferred to let his father speak on his behalf.

In mid-December 2018, Fort Peck tribal police jailed Tyler Headdress on a warrant for his arrest. He was held on a $100 bond, according to documents filed in Great Falls District Court.

Three days after getting booked into the jail, another inmate allegedly assaulted Headdress, documents say. Although guards stopped the fight, Headdress had swollen hands after the fight. He would not receive professional medical treatment until he bonded out of jail six

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