Pope Francis should let Catholics pray like Catholics

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A growing share of Americans—three in ten—identify as “none.” Or, none of the above when asked about their religious affiliation. Houses of worship are emptying, and those still left in the pews probably expect their spiritual shepherds to welcome more prayer, not less.

It’s what makes Pope Francis‘s recent ruling to restrict prayer in the Catholic Church so odd. The current pope is known to some as the “Who am I to judge?” pope, but now seems to have no problem judging faithful Catholics who pray in ways he simply does not like.


ROME, ITALY – NOVEMBER 05: Pope Francis celebrates Holy Mass  during his visit at t3he Catholic University Of The Sacred Heart on November 05, 2021 in Rome, Italy. Pope Francis on Friday morning traveled to Rome’s Gemelli Catholic University Hospital to celebrate Holy Mass marking the 60th anniversary of the foundation of its Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, named for the Sacred Heart of Jesus. (Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images) ( Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

Pope Francis told bishops from the Czech Republic in 2014 that he “cannot understand the younger generation” who

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