Pope Francis creates confusion as Putin's war against Ukraine rages

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The Holy See has consistently deployed its “soft power” in the world of foreign affairs and relations among states. From helping resolve historic border disputes like the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 to securing the release of UK soldiers taken by Iran in 2007, the Holy See has for several hundred years provided constructive intervention into global problems.

It was Pope Benedict in 2007 who called into question Islamic radicalism in the 21st century—making the argument that the Islamic world needed to fit into the modern world, and not vice versa. Since that critical juncture, many Islamic scholars have joined together with leaders of other faiths to seek consensus on divorcing faith from radical and hostile actions. 

With war now raging in Ukraine, where is the Holy See? And how has it chosen to use its moral authority and influence?

In Ukraine, the world now faces the worst brutality and inhumanity since the Second World War and Stalin’s purges. Vladimir Putin is actualizing his expressed long-term goal of regaining territories lost after the fall of the Iron Curtain. For years, he has longed for the territory held by Catherine the Great. Now, he’s even comparing

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