Police: Murder victim turned them away moments before shooting, officers were looking for robbery suspect in home

“The suspect was said to be at that address,” said Lieutenant Jeremy Moe with the Grand Forks Police Department.

Police say they were looking for Abdullahi to see if he was connected to an armed robbery attempt down the street early Saturday morning by the Marathon Gas Station along North Washington Street.

Officers were called to Gustafson’s neighborhood shortly before the shooting by a neighbor who was aware of the earlier robbery attempt.

“We were notified there was an individual who was in the area that may have been associated with a robbery,” Moe said.

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They say Gustafson was not cooperative with officers when they went to the door to see if Abdullahi was in her home.

“They were met by Ms. Gustafson, and Gustafson told them she did not want to talk with them,” Moe said. “Officers respected that, then ended that contact.”

As they continued to patrol the area, officers heard an argument between Gustafson and Abdullahi.

“That’s when they heard the shot, and then Ms. Gustafson exited the (dwelling),” Moe

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