Podcast explores national parks from Black, Indigenous, People of Color perspective

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Podcaster Misha Euceph, founder and CEO of Dustlight Productions, partnered with REI for an eight-part series on visiting national parks. Euceph’s ‘Hello, Nature’ podcast focuses on Black, Indigenous, People of Color and their historical and present work in parks.

Misha Euceph, Courtesy photo Brett French

During a six week rush to visit eight national parks while driving more than 7,000 miles, podcaster Misha Euceph’s fear of being a brown woman traveling across America to wild places dissolved.

“I feel like I went into the show expecting to learn how to nature,” she said in a recent telephone interview, “and came out of it realizing I’ve always been a part of nature, and that there is really no right way to engage with it.”

Euceph was born in Pakistan. Her family moved to Los Angeles when she was 11 years old. While attending a meditation retreat in the desert she learned about the concept of America’s national park system. Intrigued, the CEO and executive producer at Dustlight Productions took a deep

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