Please Tell Me Why This is the Most-Searched Food Gadget in MT

A couple of years ago my mom gave me a box of random kitchen items, most of which I can use. In the box were extra silverware and various other odds and ends that she had collected and no longer needed. I snapped up the silverware (we seem to have a disappearing spoon problem at my house) and I put the other stuff in the drawer.

One item she gave me was a gadget for cooking ground beef. It’s basically a plastic handle with a weird plastic “cutting” section on the bottom. It looks similar to this. At first, I was excited. “This will make cooking hamburger so much easier!”, I thought. I’ve used the gadget twice. It sucks. It’s just as easy to use my favorite spatula, which is easier to clean and doesn’t get jammed up with raw beef while browning the meat.

Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media Billings

Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media Billings


Don’t get me wrong, some gadgets are extremely useful.

I love gadgets. I wrote an article a couple of years ago 18 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets for the Holidays and I can easily spend an hour browsing our local kitchen supply shop. My favorite kitchen tools are probably my good knife and accurate thermometers. Most of my other gadgets rarely

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