Playful colors and forms in artist's 'Swell' show

Cory Walsh

In Chris Alveshere’s show, “Swell,” a cup can be anything but drab or boring. The ceramic artist’s cups, vases, jars and a pedestal of 26 baby jars are colorful, with shapes that allude to toys or furniture.

A self-described nostalgic person, he began brightening his palette several years ago and fell in love with color combinations.


Chris Alveshere’s exhibition, “Swell,” is on view at the Clay Studio of Missoula through the end of the month. Hours are Monday-Friday, noon to 5 p.m. and Saturday, 12-3 p.m.


There are at least 40 different colors in the show by his estimate. Some that appear to be similar are slightly different up close. One friendly looking jar is adorned with primary colors, same as the shirt he was wearing in the gallery. One wall has a custom-built blue and teal shelving unit with 24 monochrome cups that corresponds to a Crayola crayon box; arrayed from greens to blues to yellows to oranges to purple and white.

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“It’s important that things are utilitarian for me, but not in the sense of dishwasher-daily ware,” he said.

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