Planning board approves Target Range subdivision

Bret Anne Serbin

The Missoula Consolidated Planning Board unanimously approved a new subdivision in Target Range during a meeting Tuesday evening.

The six present members of the board acted in concert to approve the Dairy Major Subdivision located on North Avenue, east of The Trough.

Under the current plans for the subdivision, 14 residential lots would go into the former dairy operation site.

“I don’t believe there’s too much controversy surrounding this one,” said board member Sean McCoy.

Developer Tai Tam LLC brought forward the application through representative Professional Consultants Incorporated.

The subject property encompasses approximately 10 acres.

The subdivision would be located on former agricultural land where cattle used to graze, and County Senior Planner Tim Worley said the land has prime farmland soils. State statute, however, prevents the planning board from giving subdivision approval or disapproval based on the presence of farmland soil.

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This state requirement irked some members of the planning board during the discussion Tuesday.

“I’m always sad to see ag land go, but I’m a farmer and that’s my shtick,” said McCoy.

The property is zoned to allow for two homes per acre and the proposed density

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