Plane crash survivor and family find new home in Bemidji area, thanks to innovative program

“We’re always thankful,” said Sharon Carr, who grew up in Bemidji. “It’s definitely fun being back home. There’s no place like Bemidji.”

The Carrs are one of nearly two dozen families that have taken advantage of Greater Bemidji’s 218 Relocate program, which offers incentives to those who move to Bemidji, Minnesota, and work remotely. Tony is a geospatial technician for Boeing, creating flight charts for commercial airline pilots. They moved from Denver with their two young daughters in June, and are living with Sharon’s parents until Dec. 14 when they close on their new home.

When Tony learned about 218 Relocate, he did a double-take.

“That was exactly what I was looking for,” Tony said. “My company was not going to reimburse, because it was an optional move. I saw a commercial for it on TV and said, ‘Was this commercial made for me? Was it targeted toward Tony Carr?’ Because this seems like a perfect fit when you’re looking at helping people who are able to telecommute move to the Bemidji area. There also was the draw of the fiber-optic network here.”

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