Photo Shows Canadian Wildfire Smoke Continuing To Engulf US

A satellite image shared Sunday shows the extent to which Canadian wildfire smoke continues to engulf the U.S.

The image, shared by the National Weather Service’s (NWS) Binghamton branch, shows the smoke swirling down the middle and northern portions of the eastern U.S., all the way to the Gulf Coast. The hazy smoke appears to cover a majority of states east of Texas, the Great Lakes region and all of New England. Some areas, such as eastern North Carolina, are not suffering as badly with the present wind currents, but the smoke is clearly visible in the skies over areas such as Raleigh.

Satellite image from early evening showing the hazy smoke in the atmosphere from Canadian Wildfires across the eastern third of the country down to the Gulf Coast!! #nywx #pawx #canadafires

— NWS Binghamton (@NWSBinghamton) June 18, 2023

Wildfires are currently burning throughout almost all of Canada’s provinces, according to NASA’s fire map. Parts of Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta appear to be the most impacted at the time of writing. Reports suggest the fires are only getting worse, and it may be impossible to rebuild so much of what has already been lost

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