PETER ROFF: The Biden White House Will Not Be Able To Hide Behind Hunter’s Sweetheart Plea Deal

As long as Hunter Biden had not been convicted of anything, the chances were pretty good he’d be able to run the clock out past the end of his father’s time in the White House. Now that he’s decided to plead guilty, that calculus changes.

The conventional wisdom going forward will focus no doubt on how Hunter Biden’s plea of guilty to two tax misdemeanors and a felony gun possession charge in exchange for no jail time will accrue to his benefit as well as the president’s. The common consensus will be something on the order of it providing the opportunity for a fresh start for the president’s son and a chance for Joe Biden, as he pursues another term in the White House, to distance himself from potentially damaging allegations that he profited personally from his son’s business activities.

Few things could be further from the truth. The “nothing left to see, please keep moving” argument won’t wash. The plea deal makes it more, rather than less likely the American public will be willing to move on from the credible allegations that have been raised suggesting members of the Biden family — including the president — took bribes from foreign

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