Pete Golding Says Nick Saban Still Gives Assistants ‘Ass-Chewings’

Nick Saban still isn’t afraid to tear into Alabama assistant coaches not getting the job done.

According to Clint Lamb, assistant coach Pete Golding was asked if it’s true that the seven-time national champion “has dispensed fewer of the proverbial ass-chewings this year,” and the answer didn’t disappoint. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Golding hit back with, “Absolutely not accurate.”

First question to Pete Golding: “I’ve heard from people around the program that Nick Saban has dispensed fewer of the proverbial ass-chewings this year. I’m wondering if that’s accurate.”

Pete Golding: “Absolutely not accurate.” Lmao

— Clint Lamb (@ClintRLamb) January 5, 2022

Well, I’m glad to see Saban hasn’t changed at all. After all, you don’t win seven national titles by taking it easy on people.

You win rings by demanding the best out of people at all times. That’s what gets the job done, and that’s what Saban has done his entire career.

Pete Golding opens saying Nick Saban is still giving out ass chewings on the regular to assistant coaches

— Kyle Henderson (@Rivals_Kyle) January 5, 2022

Now, he’ll play for his eighth ring this upcoming Monday, and if any coach

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