‘People are gonna think you're stupid’: Trump warned Pence not to ‘wimp out’ before Jan. 6, Pence writes

Former President Donald Trump repeatedly told former Vice President Mike Pence not to “wimp out” — that is to say, not to certify the results of the 2020 election — in the final weeks of their administration, according to an excerpt from Pence’s new book published on Wednesday.

“If it gives you the power, why would you oppose it?” Trump reportedly asked Pence, about a lawsuit from House Republicans that would have allowed Pence to have exclusive authority over the election results.

In the excerpt, published in The Wall Street Journal, the former vice president recounts being admonished by Trump for his refusal to sway the results of the election in their administration’s favor.

Pence’s book, titled “So Help Me God,” is scheduled to be released next Tuesday — the same day that Trump, widely expected to launch another presidential run, has said he’ll make a “very big announcement.”

“‘You can be a historic figure, but if you wimp out, you’re just another somebody,’” Pence said Trump told

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