PEÑA And ARAMONY: Biden Creates Another Self-Inflicted Immigration Crisis In Afghanistan

Thanks in part to an epic foreign policy blunder by the Biden administration, Afghan nationals have been forced to flee the brutal rule of the Taliban, spurring another humanitarian disaster primed to exacerbate an already record-breaking border crisis, not to mention jeopardizing our country’s national security.

The unfolding turmoil from the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan has provoked elected officials and political commentators to urge the Biden administration to allow thousands of Afghan nationals to enter the United States unchecked. In response to the botched withdrawal, the Biden administration is contemplating bringing as many as 50,000 unvetted Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) applicants and refugees into the country. While the United States undoubtedly has an obligation to help our Afghan allies, it is to nobody’s benefit to resettle individuals who have not been properly vetted into the United States, especially given the history of fraud and abuse in both our SIV and refugee programs.

According to a June 2020 report by the State Department’s Inspector General, many SIV applications were rife with fraud. The same report also revealed the State Department does not rely on official documentation and databases to administer background checks on SIV applicants, which means that terrorists or other nefarious actors could enter the United States through the SIV

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