Pelosi Scolds Reporters, Says They Should ‘Do a Better Job Selling’ Massive Reconciliation Package

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) holds her weekly news conference at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., October 12, 2021. (James Lawler Duggan/Reuters)

With the House and Senate in recess, and the progressive-spearheaded $3.5 trillion social spending package left hanging in the balance, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi scolded the media Tuesday for not doing more promotional messaging for the program.

Asked whether Democrats have failed to effectively persuade the public that a massive influx of social spending is necessary, Pelosi turned the question around on the reporter.

“Well I think you all could do a better job of selling it, to be very frank with you, because every time I come here I go through the list: medical leave, climate, the issues that are in there,” Pelosi said.

In a “Dear Colleague” letter sent Monday evening, Pelosi expressed a willingness from her caucus to pare down the number of programs in the reconciliation bill to a small number of permanent policy changes.

“Overwhelmingly, the guidance I am receiving from Members is to do fewer things well so that we can still have a transformative impact on families,” she wrote.

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