Pelosi portfolio another example why Congress should make policy, not Investments

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is arguably the most powerful person on earth. President Joe Biden has failed, internationally and domestically, to keep Americans safe or help us succeed. Seventy-five percent of Democrats want him to step aside in 2024. Vice President Kamala Harris is less popular than Biden (only 6% support her as the 2024 replacement for Biden) and she is viewed as incompetent, by a Biden administration that we all view as incompetent. Therefore, the American policy agenda is set and implemented by Speaker Pelosi, second in the line of succession, but without question the true leader of the ruling Democratic Party. 

The person who is driving the economic policies of the world’s largest economy should not be trading individual stocks, and neither should the other 534 members of Congress. 

On July 26, Pelosi’s husband sold over $4 million worth of shares in semiconductor company Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA). He acquired the shares using a derivative instrument that allowed him to purchase up to $5 million worth of NVDA if the price of the stock underlying the instrument hits a certain level. Meanwhile, on July 28, the U.S. House passed the CHIPS and Science Act to provide incentives for companies

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