Pelosi and the Pope, No Wonder Catholicism is in Crisis

Two super liberal Catholics in very important positions met this weekend in Rome, Italy.  On Saturday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) met with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

Photos and videos showed the Pope warmly greeting Pelosi and her husband at his official residence. This encounter will be followed by the Pope meeting with another liberal Catholic, President Joe Biden, in late October.

The Pope met with the Speaker and her husband in the immediate aftermath of a Fox News investigation that showed the couple had accumulated a net worth of $315 million by 2020, with a shocking increase of $200 million in the last two years. This is quite a payday for a woman earning a government salary.

Despite questions about her wealth, the Pope welcomed Pelosi because he shares her views on a range of issues. For example, both are strong advocates of governmental action to curb climate change. On Saturday, the Pope gave a speech urging a “change of direction” that “will require great wisdom, foresight and concern for the common good: in a word, the fundamental virtues of good politics.”

Afterwards, Pelosi lauded the Pope for issuing “a powerful challenge

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