Patrick Dempsey Encourages Others To Wear Face Masks With Amazing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Quote

Actor Patrick Dempsey encouraged fans to wear a face mask with an infamous “Grey’s Anatomy” quote.

Dempsey shared a photo of himself wearing a mask with an important message Monday.

“It’s a Beautiful Day to Save Lives,” Dempsey captioned his post. He added the hashtags “#WearAMask,” “#COVID19” and “#YourActionsSaveLives.”

The phrase is from Dempsey’s character Derek Shepherd on “Grey’s Anatomy.” In the show, Dr. Shepherd began each surgery by saying “it’s a beautiful day to save lives” before putting on his protective gear.

I love when celebrities bring their fictional characters into real life like this. It is a beautiful day to save lives and we all should be wearing our masks. (RELATED: Rob Lowe Says He Turned Down This Role On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’)

Dempsey has been vocal about paying attention to the different ways health experts are telling us we can help stop the spread of coronavirus. Days before his most recent post, Dempsey shared a video of Dr. Anthony Fauci talking about ways to slow the spread.

“Please, please listen to what he is saying,” the actor captioned the video.

“Take a few minutes to watch this and really pay attention,” he added. “We can

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