Patricia Cullors: Abolish the Police, but does that go far enough?

I must thank Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, the most openly candid Marxist in a century. Her vision and courage breakthrough years of blinding whiteness and inner-city police thuggery: “Enough is enough,” she told Newsweek. 

Like the greatest Marxists of old, she is a master of preaching one thing for the cities and then fleeing to her million-dollar properties in the affluent white suburbs, for letting us know she has a perfect plan for the rest of us proletariats. Still, she’s going to do something else. 

We need honest Marxists like this, so I was saddened to see her announce she is leaving BLM, the cause she transformed from hashtag to well-oiled shakedown machine in just eight short years. But, thankfully, we still have her “wisdom” to guide us.

“I just want to break down abolition in one sentence: it is getting rid of police, jails, prison and the court system as we currently know it,” she explains in a beautifully truthful video. No squishy weasel words from her. 

America is finally coming to terms with the dominant white culture and its supremacy of reason, math, law, and order, as tools of oppression. For generations, dating back to America’s recently redefined “founding

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