PATEL: Why Are American Leaders Not Protecting Our Interests When It Comes To China And COVID-19?

What happens when a country loses interest in protecting itself? That’s what we are living through in America today. COVID-19 has killed 600,000 Americans. Yet the U.S. government and top American leaders have generally been passive, or even uninterested, in learning how it all started.

How can that be? It’s almost unimaginable that every single American would not want to find out the truth. That so few do is just another example of the sad place we find ourselves. Six hundred thousand dead Americans? Ho-hum. That’s the attitude nationally.

The debate about the origins of COVID-19 is not purely an intellectual one. Learning how this deadly disease started is crucial to preventing it from recurring. The dominant theory early on, rapidly declining in likelihood, was that the disease passed from a bat to people through a Chinese outdoor food market. If this were true, then we may want to pressure China even more than we already are to clean those markets up and to reform some of their dangerous practices. If, on the other hand, the disease escaped from a Chinese bio laboratory with ties to Chinese military bioweapons programs, a theory at first dismissed by the so-called experts and by

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