PATEL: The Media Has Tried And Failed To Sell The Left’s Crazy Agenda

Every reasonably honest observer knows the corporate media has a liberal bias. That bias is displayed more often in the topics they choose to emphasize than in outright misinformation. We all know the major narratives that the media is trying to drive home. There is none bigger than the idea that Republicans have become extreme, out of the mainstream and even dangerous. There is certainly some craziness on the American right, but it’s misinformation of the highest order to pretend the eccentricities of the right even approach the outright radicalism the left is mainstreaming today. That’s the big lie the media is trying to pull off. It’s not working. 

For the first time ever, many in the press openly advocate against balance, fairness and objectivity. Nobody benefits more from this dynamic than President Joe Biden. Yet even with a press corps desperate to prop him up, Biden is plumbing historic depths in unpopularity. It’s hard to say he hasn’t earned it. The list of failures is almost too long for a single column. And the failures are largely self-created by an adherence to a fringe ideology at odds with decades and even centuries of mainstream American political thought. 

Biden voluntarily opened the

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