Parents revolted against critical race theory. Here’s how they won

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The recent action by a California school board to ban the use of critical race theory in instruction highlights the uprising of parents over political indoctrination in the classroom.

As in many school districts, a pro-parent slate of candidates recently won a majority on the school board in Temecula in Southern California. It is often difficult for grassroots candidates to break through, but times have changed.

As one major local radio station noted, the Temecula school board meetings “used to draw sparse attendance, but now parents and concerned citizens are turning out in record numbers to meetings.”

According to the station, attendees voiced concern that the district has embraced an “agenda that is linked to Critical Race Theory,” which categorizes people into oppressor and oppressed classifications based on race.


Joe Komrosky, a parent and one of the successful candidates, said that he wants to keep radical social theories and propaganda out of the classroom.

Parents always remember this: if you are not teaching your kids, someone else is,” says Komrosky. “You want to make sure what is being taught to them is actually good, safe, and correct.”

Komrosky and the new pro-parent

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