Parents beware, drug cartels are using social media to lure your teen into smuggling migrants

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One of the consequences of the federal government’s de facto abdication of the southern border to the international drug cartels is that these cartels are devising more ways to profit off of unsuspecting Americans, regardless of human cost. 

In a newer development at the southern border, drug cartels are now using SnapChat, Instagram, and other social media apps to recruit American teenagers from around the country to transport migrants and drugs from the border.

High-speed pursuits between these teenagers and local law enforcement have become daily events, and this grave public safety threat is not receiving the attention it deserves.


Teens are being recruited because of their accessibility to social media platforms, impressionability, and youthful greed.  Since October 2021, local law enforcement officials have only one recorded instance of a face-to-face recruitment between a teenager and a smuggler or cartel; the vast majority of encounters occur outside the watchful eyes of parents or guardians over social media. 

International drug cartels find willing teenagers who need quick cash and will drive down to the border to assist in the rampant drug and human smuggling. The teens are

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