Outfitter in grizzly country advises co-existence

Editor’s note:

This story is part of the Lee Enterprises series “Grizzlies and Us.” The project examines the many issues surrounding the uneasy coexistence of grizzly bears and humans in the Lower 48, which have come more into focus in recent years as the federallyprotected animal pushes farther into human-occupied areas. The 10-part series, comprised of more than 20 stories, was produced by reporters and photojournalists across the Rocky Mountain West.

The clients at Kameron Kelsey’s Nine Quarter Circle Ranch come for the fishing, but occasionally catch a grizzly bear.

“We’ll see one from a couple hundred yards off, and everyone takes some photos,” the long-time Taylor Fork rancher and resort owner said. “We’re not surprising them, and haven’t had any attacks or charges.”

Ursus arctos horribilis is just another feature in this scenic basin between West Yellowstone and Big Sky. But its relatively benign presence around Kelsey’s dudes may not be replicated elsewhere in grizzly country. As a member of the Governor’s Grizzly Bear Advisory Council in 2020, Kelsey heard considerably different observations from other parts of the state.

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“I feel like our bears have been pretty good and generally stay out of trouble,”

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