Our liberal media love rage politics and endanger my husband and others who won't back their woke agenda

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On November 8, 2017, I spent the day caring for my husband Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul as he struggled to breathe. Rand had been brutally assaulted by a Trump-hating former neighbor while he was doing yard work on our property.  He was wearing noise-canceling headphones and never saw or heard the man coming. His six broken ribs, three displaced and shattered at the ends, tortured him with each inhale.  He had developed the first of two pneumonias that damaged his lung, eventually requiring surgery. It was excruciating to see him in such terrible pain.  

As I prayed, cried and tried to help him recover, a friend sent me the vicious, hateful headline from the day’s Courier-Journal: “Rand Paul a less than perfect neighbor…” This tells you everything you need to know about the bias and motivations of the Courier-Journal. Even now, more than four years later, I cannot write this without shaking in anger.  

Kelley Paul and her husband Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul

It has been a year of violent political attacks by left-wing extremists such as the shooting at mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg by former Courier-Journal writer Quintez Brown, the brutal assault on Louisville Mayor

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