Organized retail crime wave must be stopped

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People say everything’s bigger in Texas. Now it appears that includes the level of crime. Smash-and-grab thefts plastering our local news day after day have surpassed petty shoplifting. What we’re seeing is professional stealing or, more accurately, organized retail crime, and it’s proving to be dangerous to businesses and consumers alike.   

The crime goes beyond the theft of commercial goods. As Homeland Security Investigations Dallas Special Agent Christopher Miller puts it, “Organized retail crime leads to consumers having to pay higher prices for goods, fewer job openings, and a decrease in consumer spending on legitimate goods that small-business owners and other retailers depend on for survival.”  

It’s bad for businesses everywhere, but it is especially pervasive in the Lone Star state. So much so that the National Retail Federation named Houston one of the top 10 cities impacted by organized retail crime in 2021. In just one instance at the height of the pandemic, Houston police uncovered more than $1 million worth of stolen merchandise stored from floor to ceiling in one resident’s single-family home alone.   

Even more disturbing is that our problem is spanning state lines. An Illinois man was recently found

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