Opinion | Joe Biden’s Empty Inflation Toolbox


President Joe Biden was clear. Inflation — now at the highest point in 30 years — was at the top of his concerns.

“Many people remain unsettled about the economy, and we all know why,” Biden said recently at the Port of Baltimore. “They see higher prices. They go to the store online … and they can’t find what they always want and when they want it. And we’re tracking these issues and trying to figure out how to tackle them head on … reversing this trend is a priority for me.”

Left unspoken was a chilling reminder from history: Inflation has a unique power to kneecap a presidency. Incumbent presidents and their parties do not do well at all when inflation (and attempts to cure it) are on voters’ minds come election time. The gas pump, the supermarket check-out counter, the heating bill, the sticker on the windshield, provide

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