Opinion: Founding fathers of the United States

The proposals we are having today to change parts of our federal government purposes caused me to review the history of our founding fathers when they formed our Constitution. Our country is over 243 years old. It is amazing that we have survived that long! But, if you study the process and the time it took to form our Constitution, you can see the intellect and vision our founding fathers had.

There were 13 states at the time the Constitution was formed. They were operating under an Articles of Confederation type of government at the time which was formed on 11-15-1777. Twelve of the states appointed 74 individuals to attend, but 55 individual delegates agreed to attend the sessions with 39 delegates signing the document. Rhode Island refused to attend as they felt there was a conspiracy to overthrow the established government. Most of the states felt that they needed a congress that had enforcement powers, regulate commerce, and print money, but they did not want a central government like Great Britain. There were a few different ideas on what type of government to form. The states disputed over territory, war pensions, taxation and trade.

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