Opinion: Divisions in America

Last March I wrote an article concerning how divided our country has become in the last few years. I have noticed that it seems that the problem has continued to spread in all areas of our lives. People are more divisive and suspicious of each other. When you go into a public place, some people who are wearing a mask and some who are not wearing a mask give each other a negative look instead of acknowledging each other. You do not want to bring up the subject of political issues with someone unless you know they are of the same thinking (Republican or Democrat) as you. The potential discussion may end in a very strong conversation with both of you very frustrated and angry with each other. Both of you may decide in your mind that you will not talk to that person again! Our political leaders are acting the same. You would think the Democrats and Republicans were at war with each other instead of working on legislation for the people’s benefit. The things that are said on TV and social media would have been considered censored ten years ago. The sad result is that our children

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