Open space bonds: City, county still have majority of 2018 funds

While the money is dwindling from a taxpayer-funded bond for open space in Missoula County passed nearly two decades ago, there’s still a huge chunk of money left from a similar bond passed more recently.

In 2006, Missoula County voters approved a $10 million Open Space Bond. That money was split equally between the county and the city. The county’s $5 million has been spent or approved for projects, but the city has close to $100,000 left, plus another $600,000 for open space from a private donation.

In 2018, voters in the county approved a $15 million Open Space Bond, and the city and the county again split that funding up equally. Each government still has much more than half of their $7.5 million left to spend from that measure.

Green grass and yellow flowers coat the hillside beneath the old ski chairlift at Marshall Mountain in March. 


The county has about $6.95 million left from the 2018 bond, according to Kali Becher, Missoula County’s open lands project manager.

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